President’s Message

Hello! I’m Heather Naples, founder of BCS. heather-1

Since our incorporation in 1997, our business has continued to grow due to the success of our business model: hire good people, treat them well, and the clients will multiply. I attribute our success to the following:

Competitive Pricing

Economic times are tough. BCS has a low overhead rate and we pass this savings along to our clients, enabling them to get more for their dollar. Clients are amazed at the value of service we provide, since we are significantly less expensive than our competitors yet provide the same or better level of service.

Quality People

We employ architects, engineers and other construction professionals. Most of our hiring is done by referral, so we’re employing people with a proven track record in our field. All BCS staff have good customer service skills and are dedicated to the clients we serve.

Staff Retention

Our employees are dedicated to the company, and turnover is below industry average. We offer competitive salaries and a generous benefits package but perhaps more importantly, I value each of my staff and actively support them in their personal and professional endeavors.

Team Approach

We believe that more is accomplished by teamwork than any one individual can accomplish on his own. Our staff is small enough to foster a team attitude, but large enough to have the required depth of skills our clients need.

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