Management Consulting

BCS has worked with the client’s senior management teams to improve business processes, determine appropriate staffing levels and organization charts, and develop training programs for staff. The following examples are illustrative of the types of management consulting services we provide:

Government of the District of Columbia, Business Process Reengineering Study of the Capital Construction Services Administration.

stars-and-bars During the period July through October 2000, BCS was part of a team that conducted a Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Study of the Capital Construction Services Administration (CCSA) for the Office of Property Management (OPM) of the Government of the District of Columbia.

Initial efforts in the study focused on an assessment of the CCSA mission, organization, and the processes and procedures being followed in carrying out CCSA’s responsibilities. These efforts involved staff interviews, assessment of existing directives and instructions, budget document reviews, job site visits, and discussions with customer agencies.

Department of Homeland Security, Project Management Process Development for the Chief Administrative Office — Headquarters Group

logo_dhsBCS integrated into the DHS Chief Administrative Office (CAO), Project Management support staff to act as DHS liaison between the DHS tenant and General Services Administration (GSA) on multiple, simultaneous renovation projects ranging in size from 10,000 SF to 110,000 SF. DHS, a relatively young organization, was established in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. BCS personnel assisted the DHS Headquarters Facilities Group (HFG) to define their standard business practices, create a project/facilities management organization that is appropriately staffed, and develop relationships among the various project stakeholders. BCS assisted DHS leaders to conduct an off-site with the client’s staff to develop future workload and requirements and then develop an appropriate level of staffing and organization chart. The proposed staffing level was implemented. BCS staff developed Project Management Plans and other Management Directives and Standard Operating Procedures to publish a standard way of doing business.

Department of Homeland Security, Budget Tracking Process Development for the Chief Administrative Office — Headquarters Group

logo_dhsBCS recommended and developed new processes and systems to manage over 30 funding documents in excess of $130 million, and reconciled contract amounts, invoices and remaining balances between DHS Headquarters and GSA for the previous five years. BCS staff prepare documents for Congressional audits with adequate detail to justify expenditures.

Transportation Security Administration, Baseline Schedule Development, Training, and Support to the Office of Real Estate Services

logo_dhsBCS integrated into the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Office of Real Estate Service (RES) Headquarters Project Management support staff in Arlington, VA to act as TSA liaison between the TSA tenant, GSA, local governments, airport authorities, airlines, and commercial landlords on multiple nationwide build-out and renovation projects. In this capacity, BCS also provided extensive support in developing project management processes in the area of scheduling, including developing and implementing a Microsoft Project Schedule Training Program for TSA RES staff.

BCS led several training sessions for the Federal government staff. Training focused on creating initial schedules using the TSA baseline schedule, updating the schedules and tracking progress, and generating various types of reports.

BCS conducted a series of training sessions to review the information contained in the Training Manuals and later to review basic skills; address issues, problems or concerns from the class participants; and present methods to manage multiple project schedules concurrently. These training sessions served as a hands-on opportunity for the TSA staff to perform all of the tasks shown in the training manuals. BCS staff also provided on-site support services related to the development of project schedules, schedule review, and general problem solving and guidance.

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